Jnanamandapa Yatra

Only for Children and Youth (25 years and below)
Yatra to Thirunarayanapuram (Melukote) and surrounding places in Karnataka
13 May to 15 May 2022
Object of the Yatra: To educate children and youth about the historicity, greatness and role of Jnanamandapam (Thirunarayanapuram) and other surrounding places in preserving protecting and growing Ramanuja Sampradayam, their association with Swamy Ramanujacharya’s life history, events and teachings and to increase their knowledge and bhakthi. 
Who can participate: Youth and children between the ages of 7 and 25 only. Children from ages 7 to 17 should mandatorily be accompanied by one or a maximum of 2 guardians such as parents/grandparents. Youth aged 18 to 25 will have to participate alone. People above 25 years cannot participate unless they are only accompanying as guardian a child of age 7 to 17
Details, terms and conditions of the Yatra: Interested Yatris will have to register with us by filling the details. Only on their registration being approved and the yatra contribution being made and accepted will the booking be complete.
Yatris will have to make their own arrangements by train/bus or other modes, and ensure that on their own they reach Mandya train station or Srirangapatna train stations before 7.30 AM on 13th May 2022 morning.
Yatris from Chennai are recommended to book onward tickets by following trains:
  • Train No. 16021 MAS MYS SPL departing Chennai 12th May 9.15 pm arriving 13th May Mysore 6.40 am with stop at Mandya at 5.30 am.
  • Train No. 22682 MAS MYS Express departing Chennai 12th May 11.30 pm arriving 13th May Mysore 8 am with stop at Mandya at 6.45 am
As an exception, Yatris can also book by following train to Mandya arriving 13th May 7.50 am and will be picked up from Mandya station.
  • Train No. 16231 Mayilduthurai Mysore Express arriving on 13th May at 7.50 am at Mandya
There is no pick up at Bangalore. Yatris coming from other places have to come on their own to Mandya or Srirangapatna Railway stations on 13th May before 7.30 am. They can also board the above trains at Bangalore and get down at Mandya.
Yatris will be picked from Mandya Railway Station / Srirangapatna Railway Station on 13th May morning by 7.30 am / 7.50 am (Mayiladuthurai train) by AC buses and the yatra would start from Srirangapatna. If Yatris do not report at boarding points within the above time they would not be able to participate in the yatra. Yatris opting to come on their own by bus/car/taxi (other than train) should come to Srirangapatna Railway station on 13th May before 7.30 am.
Thereafter yatra throughout will be by AC buses. There will be no overnight travel by bus.
Yatra proposes to cover Srirangapatna (Adi rangam), Talakad, Thondanoor, Thirunarayanapuram (Melukote), Kirangoor, Mithilapuri Saligramam and Belur.
Accommodation and food throughout yatra would be provided. As the yatris would be spending two nights at Melukote, it being a small remote town, accommodation would be a combination of halls and rooms with common bathrooms and toilets and rooms (subject to availability) will be allotted at discretion, mainly for any aged guardians/girl children. Yatris to carry a plate, tumbler and get their own sleeping accessories. Luggage may be kept light for comfort and convenience. At certain places bathing may be in rivers or ponds. Guardians are responsible for the safety and custody of the children. Trust does not assume responsibility for the same. All eligible children and adults must have undergone required vaccination and will be undertaking the yatra at their own risk and responsibility and are required to follow all covid protocols and wear mask at all times. Yatra contribution would not cover any tickets for darshan, local transport from accommodation to the local temple.
On 15th May, Yatris will be dropped at Railway stations at Mysore or Bangalore as they choose, but only by 7 pm at Mysore and 9 pm at Bangalore. Yatris are to make their own arrangements for their return journey on 15th May from Mysore after 7 pm and from Bangalore after 9 pm. As the return Mysore Mayilduthurai train leaves Mysore by 4.30 pm itself, Those who have booked onward by this train are to make return journey by bus from Bangalore after 9 pm and not by the Mysore Mayiladuthurai train
Yatris from Chennai are recommended to book return journey  tickets by following trains:
  • Train No. 16022 Kaveri Express departing to Chennai, from Mysore on 15th May at 9 pm or from Bangalore at 11.50 pm
  • Train No. 12658 Chennai Mail departing to Chennai from Bangalore on 15th May at 10.40 pm
Yatris are requested to first ensure their onward and return journeys are booked/arranged as per the above schedule and only then register.
The number of Yatris may be limited to 300. Applications will be accepted on first come first served basis and if number of Yatris crosses limit, applications will be waitlisted and accepted at discretion/against cancellation. The last date for registering is April 30th. Priority will be given to children who have learnt or are currently learning Divyaprabandham, through the “Iramanusa Idu En Vinnappame” online classes being conducted by Kinchitkaram. 
The amount contributed by yatris will be towards the cost of yatra and any balance would be used for noble causes of spreading Sanatana Dharma. For only children who have or are enrolled in the Divyaprabandha classes conducted by Kinchitkaram under the “Iramanusa Idu En Vinnappame”, there would be a discounted yatra contribution of Rs.3500 per child. For all other children/youth and guardians, the yatra contribution would be Rs.4500/- per child/person. Children attending Divyaprabandham classes need to give the name of the moderator/teacher and mobile number with which they have registered for verification and for availing the benefit.
All passengers must carry one valid original photo identity card such as Aadhaar voter ID card driving license etc.
Yatra contribution is based on prevailing diesel rates and may be increased in case of increase in diesel rates
Programme itinerary and timing are subject to change. Trust reserves its right to accept or decline any booking and to cancel any part or the whole of the yatra.
If any cancellations are made after May 7th, there would be no refund of the yatra contribution. For any cancellations between May 1st to May 7th, 50% of the yatra contribution made would be refunded, for any cancellations between Apr 25th to 30th, 75% of the yatra contribution would be refunded. This would also apply in the event of any covid related cancellation either by yatri or by trust.
Yatris may either fill and submit the below form online after which payment link would be sent to you by Email/SMS in a couple of days to make payment online or Yatris could download print and submit this form at our Chennai Mylapore centre or Srirangam centre or to Kinchitkaram volunteers along with Cheque/DD.

Registration Closed