“Pracharam especially amongst the youth and children and in the smaller towns and villages about the essence of Sanatana Dharma, spreading awareness of morals, value systems, associated with Sanatana Dharma, and encourage the masses to adopt and adapt them to their daily lives.

Towards this, the Trust will take up grama pracharam in rural areas, distribute publications, books/CDs, DVDs, at low cost, hold discourses, form Bhajan groups, encourage mass chanting, processions, take up annadanam.

As a first step, our volunteers will be distributing Tiruppavai books free of cost to several school children and other rural folk and organise Tiruppavai chanting daily by students in a number of schools in Tirunelveli as also singing of bhajans, nama sankeertanam, in the forthcoming Marghazhi month of December 2018 – Jan 2019.

We invite inspired committed volunteers to assist us. Kindly contact us and register your interest with details”

Recent Updates

April 2024

Mar 2024

Feb 2024

With rapid urbanisation there has been a dire need felt by residents of remote rural areas and villages for their inclusion in sanatana dharmic activities. These activities being more focused in metropolitan cities and Divyadesams, rural residents and children have felt left out. It has been these rural residents however who over generations and hundreds and thousands of years have protected our sanatana dharma, adopted its practices.

To see that their interest in following sanatana dharmic principles does not wane and Sanatana Dharma regains ground even in the remotest interiors of Bharatha desha, and its extended outreach includes the rural hinterland , Kinchitkaram Dharma Samsthapanam as one of its first activity being enthused, energised, inspired by discourses and under the guidance and advise its patron Velukkudi Sri U.Ve Krishnan Swamy, decided to take up mass chanting of Thiruppavai, nama sankeerthanam, spreading the glory of Sanatana Dharma, Perumal, vedas, puranas, itihasas, during the holy month of marghazhi in rural areas of Thirunelveli and surrounding districts and including children in the process, irrespective of caste and class.

The Kinchitkaram Dharma Samsthapanam volunteers team led by Sri. Rangaswamy identified places where locals had expressed desire for such programmes and worked tirelessly to make detailed preparations and arrangements and Sri Vakulabharanam and team started these activities on December 15th 2018 and have been tirelessly encouraging mass participation in such programmes. These programmes will go on for the whole marghazhi month. Books on thiruppavai and photos of Andal have been printed and distributed in thousands free of cost. Their day starts at 4 am in the morning and continues till evening with several kilometres of travel to remote areas, involving daily chanting of thiruppavai at various places, nama sankeerthanam, bhajan, narrating glories of Perumal, Alwars, Acharyas, etc.

The programme has been an astounding success. The enthusiastic participation of rural elders, children is really heart warming.  We decided to share with you just some snippets of the programme.

Please take a few minutes of your time to view the photos and videos of the event given below and please keep track of the postings for the rest of the Marghazhi month.

Please note how the rural population and children despite a life full of hardship, lack of facilities, joyously participate, spend time, listen attentively and with devotion, indulge in full throated nama sankeerthanam without any hesitation, shed tears, show their emotions and seem unconcerned about the future having full faith in perumal, qualities which urbanites could learn from.

We are sure that watching these photos and videos would bring tears in your eyes too, would inspire you. We welcome you to participate in our activities, support our cause generously. Monetary contributions could be sent by crossed cheque in the name of Kinchitkaram Dharma Samsthapanam and sent to No.6, Bheemasena Garden Street, Mylapore Chennai 600004 with contributor’s name, phone and address details on the back of the cheque. Persons willing to volunteer are required to send an sms to 9442259724 or call 04424662728 or email to kinchitdharmam@gmail.com


KDS Dharma Pracharam today at Sriperumbudur Vivekanda School.

Awareness campaign on Sri Andal, Srimad Ramayanam, Sri Ramanujar for 130 village children at Sriperumbudur Vivekanda School


KDS Dharma Pracharam today at Sirupiliyur KKT stay place.

Ramayanam awareness session by Sri. Veeraraghavan Swamy, Srirangam.

Sanatana Dharma Pracharam in action in Marghazhi 2018-19

Our volunteers involve bhakthas in Ponnakudi village in namasankeerthanam. Thiruppavai books, pamphlets about the programme and benefit5s of chanting thiruppavai are spread amongst the villagers who assure full involvement.


6.30 am – 100 children and 60 villagers of all castes and classes of Mukkani village listen attentively to and enjoy stories of Andal, Bhooma devi vaibhavam, involve in namasankeerthanam, chant thiruppavai. Books and Cds of discourses of Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy are distributed free of cost and they are overjoyed.

9.30 am -75 children of Thirukkolur village participate in a procession with nama sankeerthanam, listen to govinda nama vaibhavam, chant thiruppavai pasurams. Cds and books on sanatana dharma given to them also free of cost. They express their wish for more such events.

11.15 am- 60 children and 50 adults assemble at Yadava Sangam Bhajanai Kootam at Alwar thirunagari and listen to a discourse on Andaal aasai patta aay kulam by Sri. Vakulabharanam and also involve in nama sankeerthanam.


9am – around 2000 girls of Sri Sarada College participate in mass chanting of two thiruppavai pasurams and read simple meaning  of pasurams, listen to and are convinced about benefits of nama sankeertanam, and greatness of thiruppavai.

12 noon – ladies of venkatarayapuram a very interior village, involve in chanting Andal’s greatness and performing pooja to Andaal. Their importance in preserving sanatana dharma and passing on values to their children stressed. They assure their efforts.

2 pm – heartwarming experience seeing 300 children of vyasa Vidyalaya at a small village Aranganadi from class to 1 to 6 sweetly chanting thiruppavai pasurams and participating in bhajans. Astounding!- a four year boy recites Bhagavat Gita Shlokas non stop. Important to expose children to sanatana dharma from a young age itself. Their innocence pleases Perumal. Great credit to the young couple running the school involving teaching of sanatana dharama values, despite having difficulty with funds. All of us should support them.


9 am- Children of Sarada high School and higher secondary school participate in chanting glories of Andal. They listen intently to stories about Andal, benefits of namasankeerthanam in daily life.


11am – 40 villagers of Seran maadevi  involve enthusiastically in Thiruppavai chanting. Benefits of namasankeerthanam, how it could lead to prosperity of community, village explained. Books on thiruppavai are distributed. Villagers are happy that they were included in the Marghazhi activity.


6pm- 120 children and about 125 village elders of therkupatti, manur taluk listen to stories of Krishna leela, his pastimes. They also enthusiastically participate in nama sankeerthanam, bhajan kolattam. Villagers take oath that they would remain true to sanatana Dharma and uphold it at all cost.


Villagers of Kulithurai, Kanyakumari district gather in large numbers to listen to stories of Alwars, benefits of thiruppavai chanting. Local village ladies get inspired and step forward and assure that they would hold thiruppavai chanting daily in marghazhi!


Impromptu namasankeerthanam, bhajan in the streets of Gopalasamudram with children and bhagavathas. Delightful to see the children sing and dance without hesitation. Ajamilan story books distributed to children. Nama sankeerthana vaibhavam explained to locals numbering about 100. Nityanusandhanam books and Cds of discourses given to bhagavathas.


Mela Cheval- Stories of navaneetha Krishna narrated to the joy of listeners. Importance of mukkarana muyarchi narrated. Listeners are spell bound.


Visit to Subramanyapuram mainly a colony for srilankan refugees. Ladies of the village are filled with emotion and feel elated that they have been approached to involve in sanatana dharmic activities as they had felt left out. They feel assured on hearing the benefits of nama sankeerthanam.


Several bhagavathas and local villagers assemble at Srinivasa Perumal Koil at Thachanallur and listen to stories of Srinivasa Perumal, Swamy Anantalwan, importance Vedas, puranas and Itihasas. They fully involve in thiruppavai chanting and assure that they would spread the values of sanatana dharma to other villagers and their next generation.


Evening – spent time with members of Kuravar Adi Pazhangudi community, shared stories of Guhan, Shabari, swamy Ramanuja, Andal. Community members feel touched by all the stories, their belief in sanatana dharma gets reiterated and strengthened. Their Govind nama sankeerthanam is emotional and touches the skies.  Kesari prasadam distributed to those assembled.


100 children of Puthukulam village joyously chant thiruppavai pasurams and praises for Andal. Parents have encouraged them to attend and learn about Andal and to reinforce their belief in Sanatana Dharma. At vaiilyur village, gathering at temple listens to stories of Andal, greatness and simplicity of Thiruppavai and are encouraged to chant.


Evening- 25 villagers at Ayyanaarkulampatti listen intently to the greatness of sanatana dharma, the meaning of Thiruppavai and also participate in chanting. Later at Venkatachalapathy bhajanai madam, 30 commoners listen to greatness of Hanuman, and also chant thiruppavai together with our volunteers.


At Keezha Paravoor village, all homes enthusiastically invite our volunteers to visit. Thiruppavai book distributed to all of them. Veedhi pradakshinam done chanting bhajans. An elevating experience. Stories of Nampaduvan and nama sankeerthana vaibhavam narrated.


At Idayarr Thavanai 70 children and equal number of adults listen to story of Gajendra moksham, and Andal Vaibhavam. They also participate in nama sankeerthanam

35 ladies of Magalir Kuzhu at Sivalaar Kulam village listen to stories of Mahalakshmi and Andal vaibhavam. They learn the importance of women in Hindu society and sanatana dharma. They enjoy thiruppavai chanting.


At Ayyanaar kulam essence of Bhagavad gita and Bhagavatam narrated and well received by the villagers. Gopala Krishna leela and meaning of Thiruppavai also narrated. Thiruppavai chanting also conducted.


Visit by volunteers to morappanadu and assembly at local temple to chant thiruppavai and listen to greatness of Andal, prahladan. Thiruppavai books were also distributed. At Anavaradhanallur 20 children and 15 adults listen to Govind nama vaibhavam, involve in thiruppavai chanting and feel elated.


Volunteers address villagers in the street corners of Ramanujan Pudur and Chintamani villages spreading the glories of Sanatana Dharma. At Thirumalaipuram which is a very interior village, another volunteer Aparajitha addressed the gathering about greatness of Andal. Thiruppavai was chanted. A short quiz of stating the pasurams where Andal speaks of singing the name of Perumal is conducted. 35 adults and 23 children participated.


At Vellai Madam near Nazareth children, school and college going boys and girls and women join in mass chanting of thiruppavai pasuram, listen and sing praises of Andal, and get awareness of greatness of Thiruppavai.


At Kadayanallur volunteers went along streets of villages explaining to women and children about the greatness of Andal, benefits of Thiruppavai. Books were distributed.


At RamarKoil of Srivaikuntam common public gathered in large numbers to listen to greatness of Sanatana Dharma.


Early morning our volunteers again visited valliyur at the request of locals and conducted bhajan procession for half a km accompanied by children, distributed thiruppavai books as well as books on Tiruppaanalwar. Stories of  alwars also narrated.


At Arumanai village, locals listen to essence of Sanatana Dharma, its greatness, thiruppavai was chanted. Benefits of nama sankeerthanam was explained.


At sharada Girls school, children from 6th to 12th standard listen with rapt attention to “ Iniyavai Iruvathu”, 20 qualities mentioned in Bhagavad Gita 13th chapter using examples from Sri Ramayanam and life history of Swamy Ramanuja. Sanatana Dharma Books distributed to about 500 children.


Volunteers hold an interactive session with children of Nadukalloor village about Andaal. Mass chanting of Thiruppavai, Vaazhi thirunamam of Andal and bhajan held. Children enjoy and villagers are emotional about the experience.


Volunteers visit the Annai Kanthimathi orphanage for girl children at Suththamalli village and are overwhelmed by response from girls for thiruppavai chanting and listening to stories of Andal. Sweets were distributed. Interactive session is held about greatness of Andal and extent of her mercy. Girls feel very endeared to Andal.


70 children and 50 adults of Kambli a remote village  beyond Tenkasi listen with joy and enthusiasm to Stories of Andal and Krishna, learn to chant some pasurams from thiruppavai, do nama sankeerthanam.


200 people of Siramadam an interior village off Nagerkoil participate in Thiruppavai chanting, listen to stories of Rama, Krishna, Andal and greatness of Sanatana Dharma.


At thiruppathisaram, villagers and bhaktas listen to glories of Andal, participate in Thiruppavai chanting. Sucheendram also visited by our volunteers where pamphlets containing stories, messages from Sanatana Dharma distributed. At Tenkasi 50 people listen spell bound to Srinivasa Mahatmyam, Alwar life story


It was a memorable experience for volunteers as they were received at all places with warmth and villagers got emotional on listening to stories of Andal.


At Thalapathisamudram 30 children, teenagers and 25 adults participated in bhajanai with great fervour. Photos of Andal And swamy Ramanuja were distributed along with Cds. Thiruppavai chanting was done. Stories of Ajamilan, Thiruppan Alwar, glories of Amalanaadipiran narrated. At Karankadu 50 children participated in narrating Krishna stories that they knew. They listened to stories of Andal and other Alwars, Swamy Ramanuja, participated in Thiruppavai chanting. Photos of Andal Swamy Ramanuja were received with joy. Cds and books were distributed.


At pathaikam village men, women and children of the village assembled and listened to stories of Andal’s avatharam, cause for it, greatness of thiruppavai, life stories of Alwars. Books and Cds were distributed. Villagers felt reassured that they continued to be associated with sanatana Dharma. Thiruppavai chanting also took place. 35 adults and 20 children of Pappankulam listened attentively to stories of Andal and other Alwars, greatness of Swamy Ramanuja. Importance of namasankeerthanam was stressed. They participated in Thiruppavai chanting. Photos of Andal and Swamy Ramanuja were distributed. Books and CDs were also handed out.


Our volunteers visit Maipparai village in Kovilpatti. There was enthusiastic response fro children and ladies. Meanings of Thiruppavai pausrams were shared with them including showing how they throw light on artha panchakam. An interactive session was held and volunteers were delighted that the audience had grasped the meanings and responded in such a short time. Bhajanai and nama sankeerthanam activities were carried out . Nithyanusandhanam and Ramanuja Noothandaadi books were distributed free of cost,  greatness of Swamy Ramanuja was emphasised.

At Kumarapuram village volunteers were moved by the children and girls already displaying bhakthi by prostrating and grandly welcoming the volunteers. Alwar Vaibhavam, Andal greatness, meaning of Thiruppavai Pasurams were shared, benefits of  Thiruppavai chanting to their daily life explained. Question and Answer session was also held. It was a mutually benefitting experience for our volunteers as well as the audience.


At Kovilpatti on new year’s day, about 120 people listened with rapt attention to Andaal avathara rahasyam.


At Vilathikulam 90 people enthusiastically participated with great enthusiasm in nama sankeerthanam and Bhajans.


At another interior place Iluppai Oorani, 50 people gathered to listen to the greatness of Sanatana Dharmam, and Andal’s thiruppavai. This was followed my mass namasankeerthanam and Bhajanai.


Story of Andal and her anukaram of Gopikais was enjoyed by 45 devotees at Kalingapatti near Thiruvengadam.


At Sangupatti which is a remote interior village, villagers gathered at the village center and listened to the greatness of Andal, Periyalwar and were moved.


At Vellaa Kulam 50 school children and 40 adults were introduced to values in Sanatana Dharma, greatness of Vedas, greatness of our Bharata Desha, importance of Itihasa Puranas and Alwars and their Divya Prabandhams. They also participated in chanting pasurams of Thiruppavai and had a good interactive session with our volunteers.


At Jayendra School 350 students listened to Andaal Vaibhavam and participated in Thiruppavai chanting and felt enriched.


Around 450 undergraduate and post graduate students of Sarada college attended a session on Iniavay Irupaththu on teachings from Bhagavd Gita conducted by our volunteers led by Aparajitha Gautam with the help of power point presentations which was very much appreciated by the students.


At Kallidaikurichi Adi Varahar temple, locals gathered to listen to Varaha perumal stories, upadesham, connection to Thiruppavai


At AVRMV matric higher secondary school about 480 children along with staff participated in thiruppavai chanting and listened to greatness of Andal, importance of Sanatana Dharma, had their doubts cleared. At the primary school about 680 children learnt about daily good practices to be adopted by children as per Sanatana Dharma such as daily prayer, prostrating to parents, etc. They listened to story of Andal and thereafter joined in Thiruppavai chanting. Children were given Andal photos.


At Sankaran Koil, people listened to greatness of Andal and of her birthplace Srivilliputtur. At Senaithalaivar thuvakkappalli, our volunteers distributed noteooks and stationery to about 160 poor children, they participated in Thiruppavai chanting and received photos of Andal also. It was heartening to see their response and energy.


At Puliyangudi Anjaneyar Temple, 300 locals listened with great joy to Hanuman vaibhavam and then participated in Rama nama sankeerthanam. In the evening about 60 children assembled at local bhajanai kootam at Melanaththam to listen to stories of Hanuman’s prowess, ability, learning, devotion. They also were introduced to the importance of Thiruppavai.


At Kalakkad, in Krishnan Koil, our volunteers convey the essence of Thiruppavai to 25 localities who listen with rapt attention and internalise. In Varadaraja Perumal Koil 75 localites enjoy a discourse on Andal Vaibhavam and the impotance of nama sankeerthanam in Thiruppavai and feel enriched with the knowledge about Andal


Our volunteers enjoy a question answer session and narration of story about Andal with 115 school children of Kailasapathy Hindu middle school 120 children at Ramanujar middle school also enthusiastically participate in story telling, listen to Andal Vaibhavam , sing songs , involve in chanting. Small gifts were distributed to the children. At Ambedkar primary school, 25 poor children absorb stories of Andal, and fully involve in thirunama sankeertanam.

06 -1-19

It was great to see 200 localities belonging to Thiruchendur Krishnan Koil Bhajanai Madam join happily in bhajan singing in the streets. They enjoy listening to Andal Vaibhavam, and the essence of Thiruppavai.


Children of Madan Mohan Malaviya Vidya Kendra give a warm reception to our volunteers , show exemplary discipline and listen to Bhoovaraha Charitram, stories of Andal, importance of Thiruppavai. They also involve inpasuram recitation and participate in an interactive session.

07 -1-19

At Ambai, 800 students and 25 staff members of the Matric Higher secondary school participated in chanting pasurams. They were also informed about the benefits of mukkarana muyarchi. Advise of Bhagavan Sri Krishna in Gita  was propagated. Stories from Varaha Purana were also narrated.  200 children and 10 staff of Amar Seva Sangham listened to Andal Vaibhavam and were overjoyed, they also participated in chanting pasurams.

09 -1-19

In an interior village Nagalkulam, 25 children joyously participated in bhajan singing and namasankeertanam on the village road. At Sambavar Vadagarai, 25 villagers attended and showed utmost reverence while listening to Andal Vaibhavam, meaning of Thiruppavai, how they form part of our culture and heritage.

Management and staff of Pushpalatha higher secondary school enthusiastically welcomed our volunteers, organised interactive session with 600 students of classes 6th to 8th. The children showed their adherence to our culture heritage.  The school was itself encouraging a Marghazhi Utsavam.   Children were informed about greatness of Andal and Thiruppavai, they chanted pasurams. A muslim girl won the prize for Thiruppavai chanting. Such is the kindness and grace of Andal. In the evening at Seran Maadevi, local public learnt about the benefits of Thiruppavai chanting and about the different nilais of Perumal and the kindness of Andal, Perumal and Thayar. The Sousheelyam of Sri. Ramappiran was elaborated and the faith of localites got reiterated.

10 -1-19

At Tuticorin Mahila Samajam, local ladies assembled and got a better understanding of importance of preservation of our culture, heritage, importance and benefits of Thiruppavai chanting and listened to Andal Vaibhavam.


At Rajagopala Swamy Koil, about 75 devotees attended and understood the simplicity and greatness of Bhakthi, about ashta vidha Bhakthi how they could incorporate the same in their daily lives and learnt about vaibhavam of Thiruppan Alwar as well as the greatness of Thiruppavai.


At Kadayanallur Kariamanicka perumal temple, 45 local bhakthas were eager to listen to Andal Vaibhavam and felt blessed with the knowledge gained. At Anjaneya Swamy Temple- common public assembled to listen to Hanuman Vaibhavam and benefits we get from chanting Rama namam and Anjaneya Stotrams. At Agaram village near Alankulam, both adults and children alike participated in Thiruppavai pasuram chanting and in listening to Andal Vaibhavam.


At Navaneetha Krishna Temple, there were many from Yadava community who felt elated to listen to elucidation of Andal’s 5th pasuram and in particular Ayarkulathinil thondrum anivilakku.


60 children and 25 adults of Rajapathi village were happy to learn about Andal Vaibhavam, benefits of Thiruppavai chanting and also joined in reciting the pasurams. Similar was the experience on Venkatachalapuram village where village children were amazed to hear about Andal Vaibhavam and then enthusiastically joined in chanting Thiruppavai pasurams.

At Nellai Thiruthu village, 40 children and 20 adults were made to understand the greatness of Sanatana Dharma, the way its principles could be adapted in daily life.  At Tamil sangham, the villagers were pleased to know about the life history and teachings of Alwars and the greatness of Tamil Prabandhams and especially Kodai Tamizh.



At Tiruchendur Krishna Koil Bhajanai Matam our volunteers were pleased to see the eagerness of teenaged boys in having nama sankeerthanam and bhajans. 60 ladies also joined in chanting potris to Andal and in reciting the Pasurams. They all listened to discourse on Andal Vaibhavam, essence of Thiruppavai.



With this our volunteers team led by Sri. Vaukalabharanam and Sri Rangaswamy under the guidance of Velukkudi Swamy and with the grace of Andal Rangamannar and Swamy Ramanuja successfully completed their marghazhi vratam/kainkaryam of re-instilling in the minds of village folk in interior places about the greatness of Sanatana Dharma, its all inclusiveness, its importance in day to day life.

The villagers, elderly, children, ladies, teenagers, youth all felt re-energised, invigorated after listening to the lectures, participating in nama sankeerthanam, bhajans and assured that they would carry on such practices and requested our volunteers to keep visiting and assured their support. Our volunteers finally took the blessings of Swamy Nammazhar at Alwar thirunagari and Andal Rangamannar  at Srivilluputhur and concluded the events.