Onward Train Reservation Details:

Please remember to check your onward train and book when the reservation starts at 8 AM on

  • 11th June for Tirukkural and Dehradun express
  • 12th June for Andaman and Kerala express
  • 13th June for Rajdhani, GT, TN exp, Duronto from Chennai – for Karnataka & Rajdhani from BLR
  • 14th Jun for Garibrath from Chennai – Telangana & Nizamuddin from Hyd – for Paschim, AUG KR Raj exp & Nzm Garibrath from Mumbai

Return Train Reservation Details:

Do not book return tickets in Tirukkural, Kerala, Duronto on 19th Oct.

Alternatively book in Kerala, Andaman, GT, Tamil Nadu on 20th Oct 2019.

Please remember to check your train and book when the train reservation starts at 8 am on

  • 20th Jun for Andaman to Chennai
  • 21st Jun for Andaman GT Tamilnadu NDLS-PDY Exp to Chennai. Karnataka exp to BLR, Rajdhani to HYB & BLR, Telangana, Dakshin to HYB, Paschim AG Kranti Raj Swaraj to MBI
  • 22nd Jun for Kerala to CBE, GT, Tamilnadu to Chennai


1. Brochure, forms & other information are attached above
2. Go through the information, terms – conditions & Train (Onward – Return) details carefully
3. After going through the above, fill up Registration Form with charges of ₹6300/- per person for participation
4. Also, fill up the form for Corpus Donation at ₹1500/- per each
5. If one time is preferred, prepare two separate cheques, one for ₹6300 per each & another for ₹1500 per each
6. There is an option to make payments in two installments. If you choose to pay in two installments then the payments can be split into two cheques, one cheque for ₹4000 payable immediately and the other cheque for ₹2300 post dated (30.06.2019). The corpus donation of ₹1500 shall be paid as a separate cheque also post dated 30.06.2019. Post dated cheques should be given along with first payment Cheque at the time of Registration itself
7. All cheques/ DDs should be drawn in favour of “KINCHITKARAM DHARMA SAMSTHAPANAM”
8. Fill-up, sign registration form and also the corpus fund letter. Send the form & letter along with two (one-time payment)/three (two installments) separate cheques to the Trust office (address in form)
9. For proof of registration at system software, you will get SMS with Yatra reg. number in due course
10. Keep the brochure, terms – conditions & train details for your reference
11. After booking onward & Return journeys, you should send the details in the format prescribed in Terms – Conditions by email to yatra@kinchitdharmam.org or by post to Mylapore office
12. NEFT transfer not allowed